What Would You Wear [ Apple Watch ] With?

What Would You Wear [ Apple Watch ] With?


Wearables are the new reality. Even for the fashion industry. In her op-ed for the Business of Fashion, Fashion Technologist Amanda Parkes takes the idea further: “Fashion has the potential to leapfrog the gadget-focused consumer electronics industry and tap the growing wearables market with fashionable high-tech textiles.And we’ve witnessed that potential – check out ‘What’s the future of fashion” post, for reference. But when it comes to wearables, fashionistas are hard to convince that they’re also fashionable.

Design and aesthetics are probably the driving force of fashion. And let’s face it, it’s hard to tuck technology under a pretty, good looking piece of wristware and whatnot. Which is why some wearable devices have not won the public’s favors, even though they’re based on great concepts.

But if we like the concepts and find their functionalities useful, can’t we make them fashionable? Lend them a little bit of our own personal styles? Of course we can!

This is when I introduce a new blog category: Make it fashionable! What would you wear [wearable device] with?

For my first ‘Make it fashionable!’ post, I’ve decided to go a bit cliché – using Polyvore, I’ve put together an outfit featuring Apple’s new darling, the Apple Watch.

The outfit consists of:

#FashionTech feat. Apple Watch



Now your turn – what would you wear the Apple Watch with?

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