Make It Fashionable!

Make It Fashionable! is a new blog category featuring Polyvore fashion styling collages. The idea is to make even the dullest wearable device fashionable by integrating into a cool outfit. However, as a fashion tech enthusiast, I’m convinced that there are no dull wearables!

Here you will find all my fashion styling collages, each featuring at least one wearable gadget.
Don’t hesitate to answer “What would you wear [wearable device] with?” I’d love to hear your take on each featured wearable.

#FashionTech feat. Apple Watch

#FashionTech feat. Apple Watch by fashion-techie
#FashionTech feat. Swarovski Shine
#FashionTech feat. Swarovski Shine by fashion-techie

#FashionTech styling feat. Tory Burch for Fitbit

#FashionTech styling feat. Tory Burch for Fitbit by fashion-techie

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