Alexander Wang x H&M Collection – Function and Fashion

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection – Function and Fashion

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The wait is over. I finally got the answers to the questions I was raising in Alexander Wang x H&M collection – How Fashion (Tech) Forward will it be? No, the collection doesn’t include any colour-changing fabrics, but Wang definitely experimented with smart fabrics! Simply put, the collection is not that “fashion forward,” but it’s definitely in tune with the “function&fashion” trends.

Featuring 38 pieces for women, 23 for men, and accessories like boxing gloves, a leather backpack, a yoga mat, and sunglasses with an oversized head strap, the collection is as cohesive as it gets. Every item conveys Wang’s sources of inspiration: sports and performance. And he uses all his might to infuse these two muses into street wear, gym wear, club wear and even beach wear – evenly. The result? A sport-chic collection that exudes strength and determination. But more importantly, every clothing item has some sort of real functionality.

Indeed, the Wang x H&M collection is a powerful display of function and fashion. And here’s where the experimenting with smart fabrics comes in. The fabrics in the collection range from neoprene to leather, from reflective to water-resistant to quick-dry to breathable. Here’s a little hidden detail Wang himself revealed to Elle:

We put graphics on the front [of tank tops] that only appear when you’re sweating.

If you want to see all the collection items performing strongly, check out the collection promo:


Wang’s words to about the promo:

We wanted to find a way of representing those performance-wear functionalities in the film by putting our cast in extreme conditions and by making it appear easy and graceful for them to take on something that seems like a challenge.

Well, you found a way, all right. And it’s brilliant.

Here’s a selection of Alexander Wang x H&M collection items, so you can have a closer look at the details:

Source: Racked

Now, granted – the  reflective crocodile-patterned sweatshirt, the scuba motorbike sweats, and the seamless water-repellent parka are some unique items. But my faves are the sneakers and the leather jacket!

sneaker2 hm-aw leather jacket hm-aw


                 Sneakers, Price: $199                                        Leather Jacket, Price: $349


So the Alexander Wang and H&M collection is more than a thumbs-up; it’s a yes-please-can-i-start-shopping-already? What turns me off a bit about many of items, though, is the AW prominent logo. The clothes are just as cool, unique and “AW enough” without it… But I’m sure that when I see them in stores, starting November 6, it won’t even matter. I can’t wait to get my hands on those sneakers and jacket!

What item will YOU buy?


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