Alexander Wang X H&M – How Fashion (Tech) Forward Will The Collection Be?

Alexander Wang X H&M – How Fashion (Tech) Forward Will The Collection Be?

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I have to say, when it comes to shopping for clothes I’m a bit picky… okay, very picky! For fancy dresses I take my time – I think you’ll all agree with me that finding the perfect outfit for a fancy party takes time and it’s usually worth it. But when it comes to sports, casual or office wear, I’m always in a rush. Now, all you shopping addicts out there must be shaking your heads in disagreement.

That is not the proper way to do shopping! If you’re in a rush, you won’t be able to fully experience the pleasure of doing shopping, a friend of mine once told me.

True, but then… I’m just one of those people who want to get things done fast.

And because of this, in 70% of the cases I end up at H&M where I know for sure that I’ll find something to like and to fit me well. I like the variety, the fast-changing collections, most of the fabrics used and accessories on display, the affordable prices – oh, the perks of fast fashion! – but most of all, the aesthetics. The look and style may be similar to other brands’, but the prints, shapes and cuts have a particular, Scandinavian feel to them that combines simplicity, practicality and coolness.

Clearly, I have an affinity for the brand and I’m always curious to see what their next collection will look like. Especially if it’s the result of a designer collaboration. And the latest one that they’ve announced really picked my interest – the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection set to hit around 250 stores worldwide and online in November.

Typical for his irreverent approach, Alexander Wang will propose a new take on the lifestyle product offering that goes beyond fashion, says the company press release.

I love Wang’s aesthetics and I think it goes hand in hand with H&M’s. But given Wang’s attraction to all things tech and his previous projects that include such elements, this bit of text makes me wonder – will we see any colour-changing fabrics in this collection, will he experiment with other smart fabrics, and how far will he go in his irreverent approach to H&M’s upcoming collection?

What we’ve seen so far – the sneak preview that he posted on his Instagram – exudes power and strength, but does not hint at the futuristic tech feel I would expect. But then again, maybe that’s not his intention. After all, H&M clothes are meant to be sold to the masses, and to be fair, smart garments aren’t quite people’s first choice.

alexander wang h&m

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection  first item revealed. Source: Alexander Wang’s Instagram

What do you think – will the Alexander Wang x H&M collection feature any #fashiontech garments? And is the general public ready to take on such a trend?



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