Ambition Is Key to Solving Society and Fashion’s Biggest Issues

Ambition Is Key to Solving Society and Fashion’s Biggest Issues

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Whether your ambition is to become a renowned fashion designer, to become the CEO of a popular fashion brand, to develop wearable tech that appeals to fashionistas – whatever you can think of – embrace it!

Tory Burch is reaching out to us with an inspiring story on International Women’s Day. She wants to make it clear that as a woman, it is not wrong to show your ambition. She talks about the double standard around ambition that she faced while building her global lifestyle and fashion brand – a double standard that our society has perpetuated based on stereotypes and biases. And she encourages women entrepreneurs to embrace their ambition. On April 24, the Tory Burch Foundation will host the first Embrace Ambition Summit in New York, with the goal and hope that

“if we confront the biases and stereotypes that hold people back we can create new norms that will allow us all to embrace equality. It is an ambitious goal. And we own it.”





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