CES 2015 Highlights: Shiny Wearables Steal the Show

CES 2015 Highlights: Shiny Wearables Steal the Show

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Among the many innovations and new gadgets presented at the CES 2015, the ones that stood out for me were Misfit-Swarovski’s activity tracker & Stellé Audio‘s Earbud Locket. Why? Well, here’s the thing: it’s hard to make gadgets as appealing as fashion accessories… to female audiences, that is.

Last year we saw some wearable creators managing to combine tech and fashion quite beautifully. But aside from these few exceptions, we also saw a lot of struggle to strike a balance. Now the Misfit-Swarovski duo and Stelle Audio seem to have figured out the success formula:

  1. Thinking of creating jewelry with technology incorporated, NOT gadgets that look like jewelry
  2. Throwing the crystal shine into the mix. After all, where there’s shine, there’s glamour.

Let’s take a look at each tech gem.

Swarovski Shine

Think of a beautiful pendant necklace boasting a fully faceted crystal in a Swarovski exclusive cut. Now think of it as a tool that measures the steps you take, the calories you burn, the distance you walk and your sleep quality, and sends all these details to your smartphone. Glamorous and with multiple uses – would you wear it? I surely would.
Misfit Wearables have partnered with Swarovski to bring us glamorous jewelry with multiple activity tracking functions – a collection they called “Swarovski Shine.”

The pendants and bracelets in the collection are “powered” by the Swarovski activity tracking crystal that:

  • can change carriers (either pendant or wristband or bracelet, according to the set you opt for)
  • can work as a watch
  • doesn’t need charging (the battery lasts up to six months)
  • is waterproof (but only when paired with the wristband) so you can use it while swimming.

Ladies, if you were interested in fitness and sleep trackers, but didn’t get one due to bland designs, the Swarovski Shine will most certainly change your mind. It’s now available for pre-orders at the Misfit store, but you may want to get more details at Swarovski.

Stellé Audio Earbud Locket

Source: Stelle Audio blog

Okay, this is a really cool-glam one. Think of a beautiful octagonal crystal locket that hosts a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. So you can have easy access to premium sound, anytime, anywhere, and

enjoy your favorite music or chat with friends, without compromising style,

as Stellé Audio CEO, Anna Perelman explained.

The Earbud Locket is destined for multi-tasking women, and features:

  • a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • a built-in microphone
  • side controls for music volume and microphone-enabled calls.

The locket will soon be available for sale at Stellé Audio shop in two colors: onyx and aquamarine blue.

Don’t know about you, but to me, these items are real jewelry I’d buy first and foremost for their looks. The multiple tech functions are just a plus… And this is proof that the gap between tech and fashion is closing quickly. My two cents.


I’d love to get your thoughts on these two examples of shiny wearables. Which one do you like most?


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