Warning ahead – the news cocktail that I’m serving you today has a hint of fashion revolution, and it comes in three flavors:

  1. Last week, a piece from Glossy editors was pointing to a revolution in returns policies. Fashion retailers are rethinking their returns policies to allow for more flexibility and attract more sales, while also looking for ways to reduce the number of returns this flexibility may trigger. Check out the Glossy story for more details into the “whys” and “hows” of this movement. Spoiler alert – as expected, Amazon’s easy and fast return policy is one of the driving forces for this revolution.
  2. FashNerd brings us a cool compilation of “10 innovative smart shoes and brands kickstarting the sneaker tech revolution.” Take a look at how brands such as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are making use of smart fabrics, 3D printing, mobile apps and wireless connectivity to revolutionize sneaker design and function and to enhance the wearer’s experience.
  3. Last but not least, Technologyreview.com is introducing us to a heated jacket that uses AI, Alexa, and other buzzwords to keep us perfectly snug. Brought to us by Ministry of Supply. Now, we’ve heard about heated jackets before – just recently, we learned about the heat-conducting smart jacket Ralph Lauren created for the USA Olympics team to wear at this year’s Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea. But it appears that Ministry of Supply’s Mercury jacket has the potential to revolutionize our winter wardrobes. It is controlled by an app, syncs with Alexa, and customizes its temperature using machine learning. Which means it gathers data about the wearer, such as: how long the wearer’s commutes are, their temperature preferences, and whether they wear the jacket while working out. If you’re a privacy freak, this data-gathering functionality may be an issue.

And this is it for this week’s fashion tech tidbits.



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