Fashion Startups on the Rise

Fashion Startups on the Rise

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The fashion tech startup scene seems to be expanding, and I could not be more thrilled.

Just recently, InvisaWear shared their goal with us – to become the Android Wear of smart safety jewelry. InvisaWear is a new smart jewelry brand promising to keep the wearer safe in a stylish way. Its product is available on IndieGoGo for $79. But the company’s leader does not want InvisaWear to be a smart jewelry company only. Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of InvisaWear, wants to become a provider of safety technology for other jewelry makers to integrate into their products too. There’s some tough competition in this area, so wishing you guys great success!

Another great story that caught my eye this week is about Sweden’s fashion tech startup scene. Home to a fast-fashion sweetheart H&M, Sweden has seen investments in fashion tech startups grow from $50 million to $2.8 billion in just five years. And the numbers keep growing. Further exciting news for the fashion tech industry: Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, is funding a number of fashion tech projects and startups, including wearables, smart textiles and new types of fitting solutions for e-commerce.

Definitely, a fashion tech hub to watch – I’ll be reporting on it, so stay tuned!


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