Fashion Tidbits at World Events

Fashion Tidbits at World Events

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The World Economic Forum 2018 turned Davos into the place to be last week. Despite the cold snowfall. Brr. Heads of states, global business leaders, and distinguished economists, all gathered to discuss the state of global economy. And while the keywords trending at the event were most probably “Trump” and “blockchain,” there were four important takeaways for the fashion industry as well, as Business Of Fashion reports.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) 2018 conference, a.k.a Retail’s Big Show, released a selection of stories gathered by journalists during the event. What’s this got to do with fashion tech? Everything. Retail is what keeps the fashion industry rolling. And one key takeaway from NRF is that retail’s focused on employing a wide range of technologies to provide us – fashionistas – with a more personalized experience when we walk into stores or buy fashion items online.

Great customer experience in 2018 will come from blending technology with a more personalized touch. I think the people that can combine technology-powered personalization with a human will be the winners.

says Neiman Marcus’ President & CEO, Karen Katz. Here are the NRF 2018 key highlights and “must-see” moments, all in one place.

As TheCurrentDaily reported last week, Ralph Lauren introduced the heat-conducting smart jacket for the USA Olympics team to wear at this year’s Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea. The brand has been experimenting with technology embedded in fabrics before and the items it produced have only been meant for sports figures. But this latest experiment is meant to pave the way towards the launch of consumer-facing connected product this fall:

Our hope is that we’ll learn enough that we’ll be able to go into production with a different, limited edition jacket for this fall.

says Ralph Lauren. Looking at the snow outside, I think I could use one of these 😊

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