Interlaced 2015: Exactly What Fashion Tech Needs Right Now

Interlaced 2015: Exactly What Fashion Tech Needs Right Now

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What’s the future of fashion? From smart jewelry to smart fabrics to smart retail experiences, signs are everywhere that the future of fashion is closely tied to technological developments. And Interlaced is inviting us to explore it!

Dedicated to supporting and raising awareness around the “next wave of fashion”, Interlaced is organizing their first fashion tech event in London, on September 3rd. Entrepreneurs, corporations & consumers, academia in the wearable tech fashion ecosystem are invited to get immersed in a world of sci-fi glamour, to share insights, connect ideas and visualize the future of fashion.

With the emergence of wearable tech devices, we’ve heard fashionistas say that, well, wearables are not that wearable – they lack the designer’s eye in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, we’ve seen designers experimenting with technology, in order to bring new functionalities to their garments. So both industries are realizing the mutual benefits they’d draw from a close collaboration. But while the general public is showing increasing interest in fashiontech developments, consumer adoption of fashiontech items is lagging behind.

Which is only normal.

“As with any emerging industry, there are a lot of barriers – price, battery life, design, etc. But I think the most important thing at the moment is to educate the end-users about the notion of fashion tech, what such products can do for people and how they can use them.

We need to create a demand for these products first so that when the technical, design and logistic challenges are eliminated, people would be excited about investing in such products.

INTERLACED is built on the fact that in order to speed up innovation within fashion houses and technology companies in this area, an increasing demand from the end-consumer needs to be apparent,” says Interlaced founder Kristina Dimitrova, in an interview for Insider Trends.

And with this, she hits the nail right on the head.

Not surprisingly, her organization’s aim is “to help accelerate consumer adoption of wearable technology fashion, smart clothing and apparel.” And what better way to do that than a dedicated show, gathering fashiontech pioneers under the same roof?

Having said that, as a fashion techie I can only applaud this exciting initiative – it’s exactly what the fashion industry needs right now.

What you can expect from the one-day event:

  • One of the first catwalk shows in the UK featuring wearable tech brands like CuteCircuit, Cuff, Birce Özkan and Eef Lubbers
  • Keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops featuring designers, creative technologists, entrepreneurs and industry researchers offering insights into fashion tech trends like sustainable fashion, smart fabrics, 3d printing, and fashiontech retail channels.
  • Fashiontech start-ups displaying and demonstrating their products.

If you’re as excited as I am, you’re probably counting down the days and hours – 10 days, 13 hour, 24 minutes, 12 seconds as of right now [moment of writing] 🙂

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you still have a chance – grab it now, here.



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