Ringly: The Smart Ring That Keeps You Connected in Style

Ringly: The Smart Ring That Keeps You Connected in Style

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I have a confession to make. I often find myself missing out on really interesting conversations because of my urge to constantly check my phone for new messages or app notifications. And that’s not cool. I blame it on my “phone addiction.” I know that many people nowadays have it. And I almost find comfort in knowing that. But there are people who don’t. And I almost envy them. These people can go hours without checking their phones if they’re immersed in conversations or truly focused on their activities. On the other hand, by not checking your phone, you could miss out important phone calls. Or you could find a balance by using a smart ring designed for both categories.

The story

Christina Mercando, founder and CEO of Ringly, was part of the latter category – according to her own confession. And the fact that she always missed phones calls and messages from her family, because she would put her phone in her bag and just forget about it, prompted her to find a solution. And what better solution than to create a small notification device she could actually keep close without getting distracted from her activities… unless the distraction was truly worth it? This is how the idea of Ringly – the smart notifications ring – was born. The most challenging part, as it happens with most wearables, was to create a truly wearable smart ring.
After seven different iterations, Christina and her team finally came up with the technology that was small enough to fit into a ring that women would actually want to wear. With 5000 units already created, it’s clear that someone really likes the concept.

The tech

I bet you’re dying to know how it works. Ringly connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can alert you through subtle light (color-coded as per type of notification it alerts you to) or vibration to phone calls, texts, emails, Instagram notifications or whatever type of communication you think it’s most important to you.

Yes, you can make these settings via a mobile app connected to your phone (iOS or Android based).

Yes, you can select which people’s phone calls you want Ringly to notify you of.
And yes, you can choose between types of alerts – either vibration or subtle light, to make them as discreet as you want.

The looks

Ringly smart ring

Ringly launch collection. Source:

Enough with the ping, let’s get to the bling! Since the target audience is a fashion-conscious one, the device cannot be anything else but stylish jewellery. Ringly comes with four semi-precious stone options (black onyx, emerald, pinck sapphire and rainbow moonstone) and is matted with 18K gold. These four options are included in the launch collection. But there’s also a fifth limited edition one: tourmalated quartz semi-precious stone on a rhodium plated base. All available in US sizes 6, 7 and 8, and for pre-order.

I think I’ll just leave you with Christina’s story and her take on wearable tech. I have some choices to make. *the Emerald or the Pink Sapphire? Hmm, tough one…*

What do you think about this smart ring approach? Do you find it useful? Let’s chat below!


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