SIREN Ring: The Statement Accessory that Screams for Your Safety

SIREN Ring: The Statement Accessory that Screams for Your Safety

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I just love fashion accessories designed to execute a certain function. More so when that certain function is personal security.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen several wearable devices designed with both personal security and fashion in mind – like the beautiful smart-chic Cuff jewellery. Most of them allow a user to send alerts through a mobile app to family or law enforcement parties, whenever they feel they’re in danger. Most… but not the recently launched SIREN Ring.

While alerting first-responders I think is a wonderful secondary option, what I think is most important is to offer a woman immediate assistance during those first few vital seconds, because to disrupt the attack at the onset, to deter them right away is far more beneficial than something that will take five or 10 minutes to actually get to you, in which case, the act itself could already be completed, said Kat Alexander, Siren founder, in an interview for TechTimes.

The SIREN Ring is a true statement accessory, boasting a natural gemstone mounted on a metal base with antique finish. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. The glamorous surface covers an alarm module that includes a:

  • microcontroller
  • customized transducer for maximizing output
  • triggering mechanism
  • voltage converter
  • rechargeable power source.

And Siren is the first company to use this technology. (Oh, you’ve got to love #fashiontech innovations!)

When you’re just inches away from a potential attacker, you just rotate the top of the ring 60 degrees counterclockwise into the locked position. In less than two seconds, the ring generates a piercing sound exceeding 110dB, unbearable for any person. Importantly enough, the ring’s acoustic design ensures the sound is directed outward and away from the wearer.
The SIREN Ring is also dubbed “the world’s first personal alarm to blend seamlessly with the modern woman’s lifestyle.” And here’s a video conveying this message:

Introducing SIREN | Beautiful. Powerful. Smart. from DreamPlay Media on Vimeo.

SIREN provides women with a stylish, reliable and safe alternative to conventional defense methods, says Kat Alexander.

Add “no smartphone required” to that description, and you got yourself a truly unique gadget that beautifully combines fashion and function.

Oh, did I mention that the Siren Ring idea came to Kat after her own personal safety was threatened near her college campus? An unfortunate situation. A much needed solution.

The ring is available in green, vermillion or lavender stones with a gold or silver base. Check out the official shop for details on prices and promotions: SIREN Ring shop.


What do you think of the SIREN Ring? Yay or nay?


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