Socialite Collection: from Smart Jewelry to Wise[ly Built] Tech

Socialite Collection: from Smart Jewelry to Wise[ly Built] Tech

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I’m a sucker for smart jewelry! I think I’ve shown that already in several other posts on this topic 🙂 So imagine my excitement when I discovered the Socialite Collection from WiseWear.

I have to give credit to and thank Gerald Wilmink, PhD, CEO & Founder of WiseWear for bringing it to my attention:

And I have to admit, the word ‘wise’ was actually the first thing that caught my eye.

We live in the era of all things ‘smart’ (literally): smart fashion, smart work, smart homes, smart cars, even smart toys. All thanks to technology advancements. But can we really talk about all these things as becoming ‘wise’? And is ‘wise’ the next level wearable technology aims to reach? These were the first two questions that popped in my mind the instant I saw WiseWear’s Socialite bracelets.

The third one: are really these bracelets all that wise?

Let’s take a look at them and see, shall we?


Socialite Collection: Features, Functions, Specs & Style

“A line of luxury smart jewelry that blends breakthrough technology with everlasting style”

  • Distress messaging: enables you to send help signals to selected contacts, along with geo-location, and sound/video recording of your whereabouts in times of distress; it relies on Bluetooth technology
  • Activity tracking: tracks your step count, calories burned, distance traveled, time active/inactive
  • Mobile notifications: sends you notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails, and calendar reminders
  • Haptic technology: emits customized alerts based on vibration patterns defined by the user
  • Socialite app: lets you manage and customize real-time notifications, manage your list of approved contacts and customize your touch patterns for the distress signals
  • Water Resistant (not Waterproof): it’s safe for showers, splashes, sweat, or any weather conditions
  • Antimicrobial: prevents the buildup of unwanted bacteria
  • Battery life: up to 3 days
  • OS compatibility: iOS 8 or above, and Android 4.3 or above
  • Bracelet circumference: 6.7 inches
  • Weight: Kingston: 76.8 grams; Duchess: 82.2 grams; Calder: 96.8 grams
  • Material: brass pleated in precious metals such as gold and rhodium
  • Style: Simple and elegant

If you ask me:

Breakthrough technology – check!

Everlasting style – check!

In all fairness though, the Socialite features and functions are nothing new. We’ve seen smart jewelry with safety, activity tracking and mobile notification functions before. But not all tucked under a single stylishly designed surface, until now. And they’re all working together to empower women to make good judgement about their general wellness, safety, family, career and more, based on a deeper understanding of their own body, emotions and surroundings. From this point of view, one can say Socialite does not only empower wise decisions, but was also built wisely.

We designed each piece with one goal in mind: to make women feel their most confident on the inside and out. By concealing advanced technology inside casual, yet luxurious jewelry, Socialite allows women to monitor their health and safety in effortless style. Complete with mobile notifications, distress messaging, and detailed activity tracking, Socialite is well-equipped to provide users with everything they need.

So if the term ‘wise tech’ is a bit of a stretch for some of you when talking about jewelry or wearables, it’s safe to say that ‘wisely built tech’ exists, and the Socialite bracelets are living proof.

Interesting fact: WiseWear CEO’s answer to ‘how to never work a day in your life’ is: ‘do what you love’. If that’s not wise, I don’t know what is.


What do you think of ‘smart’ vs. ‘wise’ tech? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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