This week’s tidbits feature two great examples of tech capabilities that retailers are considering implementing to boost their sales. And one not so good example of how a renowned fashion brand is using technology just to get on the fashion tech bandwagon.

  1. An interesting story this week comes from Glossy, and it’s about how Boohoo is making a go of visual search. Over the past seven months, the fast-fashion retailer has added visual search capabilities to its website, to see how its U.K. audience interacts with this technology. The results of the test are encouraging, as Boohoo has seen a positive uplift in purchase behavior since they introduced visual search. Now, the retailer is looking to roll this capability out to their entire shopper base and further refine it. If you’re a retailer looking for new ways to stimulate purchase behavior, BooHoo’s story is a must-read!
  2. GQ also shares a great story about Bitcoin millionaires and how they’re encouraging retailers to accept the cryptocurrency. It appears that a lot of the kids getting rich these days from the crypto business are looking for ways to show off their digital wealth. One way is to buy into streetwear, which has become a status symbol in this newly formed crypto community. And retailers are seeing the cryptocurrency adoption as a way to attract these big spenders. Smell a new trend unraveling? I do, and I’ll keep you posted.
  3. When you look at the two stories above, this last one pales in comparison. But it has to be mentioned, as an example of how NOT to use technology in fashion. Here it is: Dolce & Gabbana used drones to carry handbags down the runway instead of models. Whether it was a statement or desperate cry to save the show doing something interesting in light of the new fashion tech trends, the idea of using drones to carry bags on the runway is underwhelming, to say the least. However, this attempt to integrate tech stuff into a runway show by a huge fashion brand goes to show how important technology has become for the fashion industry.

On this note, I’m wrapping up this week’s fashion tech review.



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